AfterCorona was launched by Dezernat Zukunft as a forum for thinking about long term, strategic challenges and opportunities in the context of the Corona crisis, particularly in the areas of fiscal, monetary, and economic policy. Starting in April 2020, around thirty thinkers from inside and outside academia met in four digital workshops to identify impasses and develop proposals to address them. The results are collected on this website.

Due to the collaborative nature of the process, this document is a collective endeavour, signed in the name of all participants. Each participant agrees with the broad thrust of this collection, but this should not be taken as agreement with every individual proposal.

The purpose of this document is to serve as a prompt for discussion and we hope that it will be read in this spirit. Following this publication, AfterCorona will continue into a second phase. This will centre on further discussing these proposals and elaborating a subset into full policy papers. We appreciate feedback and welcome suggestions: if you are interested in participating or following this process, please get in touch.

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